Former US vice president Walter Mondale, who died on Monday, wrote a farewell letter to his staff, thanking them
for their service all these years.

“Well my time has come,” Mondale wrote in his letter and said he was eager to rejoin his wife Joan and daughter Eleanor,” reported Axios.

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Appreciating his staff, the former VP wrote, “never has a public servant had a better group of people working at their side” and added that together they “accomplished so much.”

Mondale also mentioned President Joe Biden and said he “certainly helps”.

“I always knew it would be okay if I arrived some place and was greeted by one of you!” he wrote while concluding the note.

Mondale served as the vice president of the United States from 1977
till 1981. He was a senator from his home state Minnesota and
served as VP under president Jimmy Carter. He was an American diplomat, politician and

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According to past records, his net worth was
$77,000 in 1975 and it grew to $20 million in 2021. He was a lawyer by
profession and had held several posts, including Attorney General of Minnesota.
He was the 24th US ambassador to Japan.

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At age 20, Mondale became a congressional district manager
for US politician Hubert Humphrey’s successful Senate campaign. Humphrey would
later become Mondale’s political mentor.