The trailer of Netflix’s upcoming ‘AK vs AK’, starring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap and directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, was released a few days back and had got people excited for the film where Kapoor and Kashyap play exaggerated versions of themselves.

The film has, however, landed itself in controversy following a tweet by the Indian Air Force.

In the trailer, Kapoor’s character can be seen wearing an IAF uniform. IAF took to Twitter on Wednesday and said, “The IAF uniform in this video is inaccurately donned and the language used is inappropriate.”

It added, “This does not conform to the behavioural norms of those in the Armed Forces of India. The related scenes need to be withdrawn.”

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The clip that IAF shared shows Kapoor using profanity while wearing the uniform.

Following the tweet, Netflix , in a statement on social media, said, “Hon. @IAF_MCC, our intention would never be to disrespect the Armed Forces of India in any regard. AK Vs. AK is a film in which Anil Kapoor and his co-stars are playing themselves as actors.”

It added, “At no point does the film represent the Indian Air Force or our Armed Forces. We have nothing but the highest respect for the brave people protecting our nation.”

Kapoor too shared a video on Twitter, where he apologised for hurting anybody’s feelings.  He said, “My character in the film is in uniform because he is an actor playing the role of an officer.”

“It was never my intent or the intent of the filmmakers to disrespect the Indian air force,” he said.