Tusshar Kapoor’s hands are full with several projects
including Akshay Kumar starrer “Laxmmi Bomb”, unannounced production “Maarich” and next instalment
of “Golmaal” franchise. However, what he is currently focusing on
right now is spending time with his 4-year-old son Laksshya, holding his hands
whenever he needs his father.

From tying his shoelaces, helping in household chores to
making friends not just in Bollywood circle, actor Tusshar Kapoor ensures that Laksshya
gets a normal upbringing like other kids because for him parenting is more
about teaching your child to be “self-reliant” and not be “overprotective about

“I encourage him to mix with all the kids and not just
celebrity kids…”

“He should not be restricted to be friendly with my friend’s
kids who are probably connected to Bollywood. He is free to make all kinds of
friends just like I did when I was young. I am glad my parents encouraged me to
have friends in buildings, schools, so Laksshya will also get that freedom. I
am not going to make him a celebrity kid. He has to learn about life and people
on his own, I am there to guide him,” Tusshar told Opoyi.

“I like to encourage him to be self-managed whether it is
tying shoelace, wearing clothes, showering himself, or helping others in the
house. Even if the tasks are not required of him, he needs to be aware that he
has to help in those areas. It teaches him a lot of skills that are essential
when you grow up,” added the 43-year-old actor.

Recently, Tushhar’s father, legendary Jeetendra, said that
he was not even 1 percent of what the actor is as a father but the “Mujhe Kucch
Kehna Hai” actor has a different viewpoint.

 “He was a different
kind of father compared to what I am. Time has also changed and generation was
also different. Then, they were more concerned about bringing food to the
table. Their priority was to run the kitchen and to keep everyone financially
secured. Today, it is not about that,” said the actor.

“Today you have to nourish your child emotionally. You have
to give a lot of independence for your child. You have to be concerned about
not being too overprotective also and let the child fight their own battle so
all those things have to be balanced. It has to be a mix of old and new, a mix
of strict and lenient,” said Tusshar.

Giving an example of how earlier “husbands left the wife to
take care of the children and they did the work”, he said “everyone had set
rules and none looked beyond that particular aspect of work or parenting.”

 “I think it’s more
complete today, the kind of parenting we do is more well-rounded now. It’s
nobody’s fault because I think the exposure was different and so is the time.
The Indian mentality was very different and now it has gone so international.
You have so much to learn from the internet on what you can do. Even with less
money, you can learn so much about parenting. You don’t need to have money to
be a good parent and that I think has changed today,” said the actor who is
also known for his films like “Kya Kool hai Hum”, “The Dirty Picture” and
“Golmaal” franchise.

 He also said that
being a parent is so much of responsibility and that has helped him even as an
actor too.

 “It made me gain so
much perspective about life, about how important responsibilities are, how
important livelihood is also. Earlier on, the work was more about competition,
about how many hits and flops are happening. Now it’s also that I have to work
to earn as it’s about his future. So many things have become more important to
you which were not important earlier. It makes you a bigger and larger person,
it makes you a more mature human being and it makes you more selfless. You kind
of grow up,” said the actor.

One of the common things that star kids face is the
continuous chase of paparazzi. While some parents chose to have no problem in
that, others maintain distance so what kind of parent is he?

“I neither stop any of it, nor encourage. I don’t like to
get him papped deliberately but at the same time if there are media people and
they want to take a picture then I have no problem. I think it is okay for him
to be aware that this is part of his life as he belongs to such a family. It’s
part of his fathers’ profession and that doesn’t make him who he is as he has
to make his name, life, and career. This is the reflection of being part of a
certain family. I will guide him. I will not unnecessarily keep him away and
guarded because that is also not a real upbringing,” said the actor.

Tusshar is currently looking forward to Akshay Kumar starrer
“Laxmmi Bomb”
that he has produced, an unannounced film “Maarich” and the next
offering under the “Golmaal” franchise.

“Laxmi Bomb will be out on Disney+ Hotstar very
soon as we haven’t fixed a date yet,” he said

“There is another film which I have produced and acted in
which is called ‘Maarich’ and that will also be out next year. That is
something that I haven’t even announced yet and we are not sure whether it will
come to the cinema or OTT. it’s a thriller and I have produced it so that is
also something I am looking forward to and then, of course, I have been told
that there is another ‘Golmaal’ in offering but I don’t know when because it
was supposed to start early next year. However, now with lockdown, I don’t know
how things stand,” said Tusshar.