‘Pawri’, hugely popularised on the internet by Pakistani influencer
Dananeer Mobeen, has got both Indian and Pakistani web spaces all perked up in
a frenzy. From individuals to dating and food delivery apps, to government
agencies, everyone is seemingly having a ‘pawri’ ever since the video, and the
subsequent remix by composer Yashraj Mukhate dropped on the internet. Now, even
Indian dairy company Amul has joined in on the fun.

 Through one of their famous
mediums of expressions – comic strips, the widely popular maker of all sorts of
dairy products and beverages in India, has produced a cartoon where three girls
are seen with pieces of toasts and cups of tea in their hand, saying “Yeh humari
pav tea ho rahi hai!”, playing on the word ‘Pawri’ with ‘pav’ (bread) and tea
in a very Amul-esque way.

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However, what might not be clear at the outset, and upon a slightly
careful gaze come to be prominent, is that the three young women in the photo
are in fact recreations of Dananeer Mobeen herself, alongside her two friends
in their recent Instagram video, grooving to Yashraj Mukhate’s remix of ‘pawri’.

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With the characteristic hairband and blush, Mobeen is seen enjoying tea
with ‘pav’, as the three look on with content smiles.

Twitter, as expected, loved it.

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“Pav+tea = best pawri”, a user wrote in reaction to Amul’s tweet.

“On the pulse, as always”, said another comment.

The history of Amul’s reactions towards major scenarios, situations or
persons related to India using comic strips is quite long, and has majorly
delivered a unique, Indian take on things.