Another year of COVID-19 and another month of the pandemic and restrictions. While we have, to a certain extent, embraced the new normal of face masks, social distancing, sanitisers among others, the threat of COVID-19 still looms. However, after an initial period of lockdown, travelling or tourism, which was shut in 2020, opened gradually in 2021 and wanderers couldn’t hold still.

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While stepping out can prove refreshing, it is imperative to follow all COVID guidelines. So, if you have planned to go on a trip and stay at a hotel, follow these steps to ensure a safe stay.

Opt for a safe destination:

One of the primary things that should top your list is selecting a safe destination. Avoid places with higher COVID cases and choose a hotel with less crowd.

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Know hotel’s safety measure

Please read carefully all hotel guidelines and their COVID protocols that they have kept in place to protect guests. And at times like these, do check their emergency services.

Avoid contact with hotel staff

Adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines and opt for no room service. However, whenever you enter and exit the hotel, do wear a mask, use sanitisers and avoid touching surfaces.

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Sanitise your own room

Although all hotels will provide you with clean and sanitised rooms, you may still want to double down on your own protection and sanitise the room yourself. A little more care and concern never harmed anybody. For extra protection, carry your own linen.

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Keep the room well-ventilated

You should look for hotels and rooms that are well ventilated and well-lit, too. Fresh air and sunlight will not only keep the mood lively but also decreases the presence of any kind of viruses.

Avoid common areas

Lots of hotels come with facilities. Gym, spa, swimming pool, games room, recreational center, etc. Avoid visiting those paces, even though it is less crowded.

Happy safe travels to you!