While a person’s menstrual cycle can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience for them, some may prefer to exercise even when on their period. While there are no proven negative effects of exercising during menstruation, a few people could experience pain, dizziness, nausea, etc. when doing so. For others, it may even relieve menstrual pain and other symptoms. However, no regimen is rigid and exercise routines can be modified according to one’s needs.

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Here are a few ways to exercise during your period:

  • Walking or Running

Walking is a low-intensity exercise that can be an option for people who experience severe menstrual symptoms. Running can also be incorporated during the last days of your cycle, since it has been proven that your lungs work better in this period.

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  • Yoga or Pilates

Yoga can not only help exercise the body, but also significantly helps in reducing menstrual cramps and other symptoms. Yoga that includes stretching and breathing helps increase blood circulation. It is also advantageous that Yoga can be done at home without the use of machines, and also reduces anxiety, frustration and depression.

  • Strength Training

Increasing muscle flexibility and improving strength can include low-volume and power-based activities instead of heavy cardio. However, it is advised that menstruators reduce the quantity and intensity of these exercises, and consider going easy on their body.

  • Dancing

This activity, besides benefitting flexibility, is also a key exercise that helps alleviate pain during periods. Activities such as Zumba have been said to reduce the intensity and length of the menstrual cycle. The fact that it requires music is also excellent for relaxation and improving mood.