US President Donald Trump on Thursday accused
countries like China, Russia and India of adding to the global air pollution
and said that his country has the best environmental numbers.

President Trump while addressing his supporters
at an election rally in the key battleground state of North Carolina on Thursday
said that under his administration the US has achieved energy independence
while protecting its pristine environment.

Trump told his supporters, “We have the best environmental numbers, ozone
numbers, and so many other numbers. In the meantime, China, Russia, India all
these countries they’re spewing stuff into the air.”

President Trump had in 2017
announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord stating that
the deal had cost America trillions of dollars, killed jobs and had hindered
the progress of oil, gas, coal and manufacturing industries.

During Thursday’s rally Trump, said  “I keep telling my people you know, I love clean
air but Russia and China, you look at a map you have all these spots and India
and many others are spewing it in. What do you suggest?” enquiring his
supporters of their opinion.

Trump also mocked people
advocating paper as a replacement for plastic.

Trump said, ” Well, we
don’t think you should sell straws anymore. Oh great ok. You ever hear that,
the straw, right? I say ok the straw is good, what about the plastic plate?
What about the carton? What about the glass that’s out of plastic? Well, we’ll
get to that later. These people are crazy.”

Speaking at the rally, Trump also reminded
his supporters of how he recently fired the head of a semi-private company for
replacing American workers with foreign workers.

“The chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority
was fired because he replaced the American workforce with foreign workers. I told
the board chairman, chairman, you’re fired. Out. You’re fired, chairman,” he

Trump added, “And
what happened is as soon as I said that they hired all the employees back from
Tennessee and five other states, six other states. They’re all back and they
were great. They were great. So we do our little things, right? We did that one
and it was great.”

Trump also elaborated on the
immigration plan of his Democratic opponent Biden calling it the most extreme
in the history of the country.

Trump said, ” Biden’s
plan would eliminate US borders by implementing nationwide catch and release
that’s catch, murderer comes over you catch him. What do you do? Well, not
much. Most of them don’t say they kill people right? You catch them. You take
their name and you release them into our country. It was a big deal, it sounds
easy,” he also emphasised how he had ended the catch and release protocol.

Trump added, “One of the
worst things. Now we release them. You know where we release them? We release
them back into their country. We don’t release them into our country anymore.
We say congratulations we got them.”

Biden in a recent rally on
Wednesday had said that if voted to power he would provide citizenship to 11
million illegal immigrants.