Annually celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers exchanging gifts, and single folks exchanging memes. From joking about lack of plans to experiencing loneliness, social media users have shared an array of memes to get through the romantic day. 

Blinkit, a popular delivery service, shared a tweet of single admins of a company extending Valentine’s Day wishes to employees. The meme shows an image of actor Anushka Sharma from the 2018 film ‘Sui Dhaaga’. 

The caption of the tweet reads, “Tell us your Valentine’s Day plans using only memes. We’ll go first” along with a still from the film. 

Another Twitter user joked about not receiving flowers on the romantic day. “Might die on Valentine’s Day so they have a reason to give me flowers,” read the tweet.

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One Twitter user expressed the corporate struggle of Valentine’s Day falling on Monday and said, “What are you doing on Valentine’s Day? Going to work it’s a Monday lmaoo.”

The tweet has garnered more than 258,000 likes and over 57,000 retweets. 

Another viral tweet reads, “Wyd for Valentine’s Day? Me: ” with a picture of a Simpsons character sleeping on a bed. The tweet has amassed over 107,000 likes and has been retweeted nearly 25,000 times. 

One Twitter user compared their romantic life to a similar movie.  “Valentine’s day gonna be a movie” Yea bro, Home Alone,” read the tweet. 

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The tweet has amassed more than 68,000 likes and over 7,800 retweets. 

Another user uploaded a picture of an edible date and wrote, “Don’t be sad people .. here is a Date for you for #ValentinesDay2022.”

Valentine’s Day traces back to various origins. While some believe the day was derived from the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, others believe that the day honors Saint Valentine, a priest who was killed for officiating secret weddings.