care brand Dove’s latest ad takes a robust stand on beauty-oriented judgment
and rejection faced by Indian women during the matchmaking process and the
implication of it on her self-esteem and confidence. The ad film titled ‘Stop The Beauty Test’ walks us through the journey of four women, who, at some point in time were subjected to casual humiliation or rejection because their originality does not match the unreal beauty standards of Indians.

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“It’s the story of million girls out there,” says the video as it reveals the nasty truth of women being put into a scanner to get their body weight, skin colour, height and hair judged in search of a groom.

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Questioning Akhir kitni khoobsoorti kaafi hai? (how much beauty is enough), the ad leaves viewers with a strong message urging Indians to look beyond the outer beauty and accept the other ‘beautiful aspects’ of a women’s personality.