To celebrate the 73rd Army Day on January 15, 2021, Army chief MM Naravane commended the ‘supreme sacrifice’ valiant jawans are making in the line of duty. Despite 2020 being a year ‘full of challenges and opportunities’, the Chief of Staff noted the Indian Army’s resilience and commitment to their duty. 

Naravane described how ‘safeguarding the security and territorial integrity of the nation’ cost many soldiers their lives, yet the Army’s ‘brave officers’ persisted and gave a ‘befitting reply’ to the nation’s enemies.

The Chief also emphasized the ‘timely and crucial aid’ that the Indian Army helped deliver during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the restructuring that the unit was undergoing as part of the ‘rapid steps to acquire new capabilities’. 

The Indian Army also posted a celebratory video on the social media platform Twitter. A montage of clippings of the ‘Strong and Capable’ Indian Army in action, the video pays homage to the brave soldiers who fearlessly put their lives on the line every day.

‘Every Indian takes pride in that ‘the Indian Army is powerful, modern, best and always ready with high morale’. Our obligation to the country is an indispensable source of our inspiration,’ they wrote in their post.