Pokemon Go has managed to adapt to the new reality fairly and this mostly virtual Pokemon GO Fest is part of that. The second virtual Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is full of new content this year, bringing new content and bonuses to the table.

Just like every other Go fests, this year’s Go Fest 2021 will be split into distinct portions. The Go Fest is happening on Saturday 17th July and Sunday18th July, with events running in-game from 10 am to 6 am local time each day with special bonuses. The Pokemon Go Fest will end on July 18. 

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The Niantic has revamped older features and worked them into Go fest 2021 such as habitat rotations and Global Challenge Arena. 

Day one focuses on catching pokemon and completing a set of event-exclusive Special Research that focuses on Mythical Pokemon and music whereas day two will focus on raids and feature almost every legendary Pokemon that has ever been available in Pokemon Go.

All the event-exclusive content for each day will be available during that period before being removed, barring a few overarching bonuses that are also live for non-ticketed players.

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Plus the non-ticket holders will also be able to see the habitats spawns but the research regionals and the global challenge arena are exclusive to ticket holders only. There are some in-person events too but they’re not much and don’t come with special bonuses. 

The days will be defined by rotating habitats that come with their own sets of spawns, meant to mimic the way the team used to do in-person fests. Another surprise for the players is that they can unlock more content by completing Global Challengers, which could lead to three weeks of Ultra Unlock bonuses, starting July 23.