A man, from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, who was arrested for chopping a woman’s body into six pieces and disposing of it in a well was hit by a bullet in a gunfire encounter on Sunday when he was taken to a spot for the recovery of the head of the woman. 

During his arrest, Prince Yadav had reportedly concealed a pistol and used it against police as he attempted to flee from their custody.

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The body of the woman, who was later identified as Aradhana was found inside a well located outside Paschimi village by some locals on November 15. 

The corpse was found in a semi-naked condition and appeared to be dumped there three days before, the superintendent of police Anurag Arya had earlier said.

Sarvesh, Pramila Yadav, Suman, Rajaram, Kalawati, Manju, Sheela, all of whom allegedly helped Yadav in the crime, are still yet to be caught. 

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Who is Prince Yadav?

It was reported that the accused had an affair with the victim, who went on to marry someone else. The woman was from Ishaq Pur village in the Azamgarh district.

Yadav had apparently planned to kill Aradhana with the help of his parents, cousin Sarvesh, and other family members. The victim was stated to be in her mid-20s. Yadav’s motive behind killing her was reportedly resentment because she had married someone else and not him.

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On November 9, Yadav had taken Aradhana on his bike to a temple, where, with the help of Sarvesh, had strangled the victim in a sugarcane field. The duo then proceeded to cut her body in six parts, pack the pieces in a polythene bag, and throw it into a well, police said. 

The head of the victim was in a pond a little distance away. The police have been able to recover a sharp-edged weapon, a country-made pistol, and a cartridge so far. 

The incident comes in the wake of another similar case in Delhi where a 28-year-old man allegedly strangled his live-in partner and cut up her body into 35 pieces which he kept in a fridge for almost three weeks.