Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu‘s wife, Navjot Kaur Sidhu, spoke in support of her husband after his sister accused him of abandoning their mother.  

“I don’t know her (Suman Toor). His (Navjot Singh Sidhu’s) father had two daughters with his first wife. I don’t know them,” Kaur said while defending her husband.

Suman Toor held a news conference in Chandigarh on Friday, claiming to have revealed terrible truths about their family. Suman, who described Sidhu as a ‘cruel person’, claimed that she and her mother were evicted from their home shortly after their father died in 1986.

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Sunil Jakhar, a frontrunner for the Congress chief ministerial nomination in the next Punjab Assembly Elections 2022, also remarked on Navjot Sidhu’s sister’s charges, calling them “a new low in Punjab politics.” Jakhar blamed Friday’s events on political rivalry on Twitter, “It is despicable that to settle political scores, even the most pious relation between a sister and brother has not been spared.”

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Sidhu’s sister alleged that their mother died penniless in a Delhi train station in 1989, after Sidhu cut all links with both his mother and sister in order to seize his father’s property on his own. Suman Toor also revealed that they share a mother, Nirmal Bhagwant, and are siblings.

Suman claimed that when their father died in 1986, Sidhu harassed and drove their mother and older sister out of the house. Many legal cases have been filed in response to Sidhu’s claims in the media that his parents were divorced when he was a child.

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Suman Toor, who described Sidhu as a chronic liar, claimed she learned about the event from her niece, the daughter of the oldest sister who was thrown out of the house with the mother. Suman said that her older sister had also died.

Balwant Sidhu, a cricketer, was Sidhu’s father. In previous interviews, Sidhu said that he and his father were quite close. He said that his parents divorced when he was two years old.