Everest Day is celebrated every year on May 29 to commemorate the day in 1953, when Nepal’s Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and New Zealand’s Edmund Hillary became the first climbers to make it to the world’s tallest peak — Mount Everest. 

The day is deemed significant by the Nepalese community, as the expedition took place under extreme conditions with 350 porters, 20 sherpas and tonnes of supplies to support a team of only 10 climbers, according to Nat Geo. But, the climbers came out with flying colours following their successful ascent to the top. 

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Many attempts were made by several climbers from Britain, Europe and Asia, but Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary-led British expedition became the first one to reach the peak at 8,849 metres above the sea level.  

Nepal celebrates the day with a lot of enthusiasm, memorial events and processions take place in Kathmandu and the Everest region. The day comes as a great chance for the country to showcase Mount Everest to the world, the government promotes travel and tourism to the Everest region. 

However, the celebrations will not be as vibrant as in previous years due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols.