Good Friday is a religious holiday observed by Christians to mark the crucifixion of Jesus and his demise at Calvary Hills. Also known as Holy Friday, Black Friday, and Great Friday, the day is observed during the Holy Week as a part of the Easter Triduum.

Its date varies every year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. This year, Good Friday falls on April 15. The day also precedes Easter Sunday.

Why you shouldn’t wish people “Happy Good Friday”?

Contrary to its connotation, Good Friday is not a joyous festival but rather, a day to mourn and revere Jesus Christ. 

According to the Bible, on this day, Jesus Christ was brutally tortured and beaten. He was nailed to death on a cross that he was ordered to carry for his crucifixion. Therefore, greeting someone with a “Happy Good Friday” can hurt religious sentiments and appear largely ignorant. 

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So why is it called Good Friday? 

Even though the day marks the sorrowful event of Jesus’ death, it is still viewed as a sacred day in Christianity. Therefore, it is named Good Friday.

The word “Good” represents the belief that Jesus’ suffering and death led to God’s plan of protecting and saving people from the sins they commit. 

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How is it observed?

Good Friday is commemorated by Christians across the world. On this day, they visit a church or fast to honour Jesus Christ.

In some places, Christians and devotees reenact the event of Jesus’ crucifixion and dress up like him. 

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The day is also marked by organizing processions. As the holiday helps devotees relive Christ’s final moments, it is also known as ‘Passion of Jesus’.