Xbox has released new games on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game
Pass Ultimate. With news games entering, some of the old games will be removed
from the library. The three games that were removed from the Xbox Game Pass are
‘Wargroove’, ‘Gato Roboto’ and ‘Deliver Us The Moon’.

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Xbox has added ‘Rain on Your Parade’ and ‘Pathway’ to the
passes. ‘Wargroove’ was
introduced in 2019 and had a large number of players playing that game. The
game allowed the players to explore maps and battle enemies. ‘Rain on Your
Parade’ is available for both PC and console gaming whereas ‘Pathway’ is only
available for PC gaming.

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Xbox is giving a limited time
opportunity to the players by giving a 20% discount on checking out the games.

Xbox has also announced the release of Android games.
The list includes “Battle Chasers: Night War,” “Double Dragon Neon,”
“Wreckfest,” “Overcooked 2,” “Killer Queen Black” and “Banjo-Kazooie.”