Social media networks Facebook and Instagram have over the past few years added several new features for a user-friendly interface. After Instagram was bought by Facebook, the apps have almost similar updates, such as the story feature, to enhance the user's experience. They have once again come up with new updates that might increase the usability of the apps.

Instagram's new update will let users search for hashtags on certain areas of the map, enabling them to know which hashtags are trending in particular locations, reported Digital Information World.

Over the years, hashtags have been quite useful in searching for specific things, therefore, the new feature might enable the users' search power whenever they want to search a word in a specific location.


Another new feature being developed by Instagram will let users block multiple accounts at a time. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi said in a tweet, "Instagram continues to work on the feature to block multiple people at once by adding the ability to block a user and any new accounts they might create."

Facebook's new update will allow users to upload a story on the app and select the same story to be uploaded on Instagram as well.