International Dog Day is celebrated every year on August 26 to raise awareness about dog adoption and the importance of providing rescue dogs a loving environment. 

This day is celebrated since 2004 to appreciate dogs and raise awareness for their adoption rather than trade and sale. On this special day, let's take a look at those funny moments of those "furry friends", and the videos of them going viral on social media. Take a look

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5. In this video, the owner of the dog shows what it does when it is left alone. There is a possibility that the video will also prompt you to applaud the dog that uses a clever way to steal food.

Though it is not clear when or where the video was captured, since being shared on Twitter the clip has gone viral. In fact, till now, the video has gathered more than four million views and the numbers are only increasing.

4. In this video, a video of two girls working out with their "furry friend" has gone viral on social media. This 10-second clip was tweeted by Buitengebieden and has been viewed around 70,000 times so far.

The two girls did burpees and encouraged their dog to imitate them. "Jump and roll," they told their furry friend. And guess what? The dog did so as well.

3. In recent days, Anand Mahindra's Twitter feed well of interesting and thoughtful videos. The Mahindra Group Chairman shared a million-dollar video with his Twitter followers and along with it he also had a beautiful message to convey. The video was recorded by Anand Mahindra himself and it has over 3,000 views.

In this clip, a cute dog can be seen standing outside a glass door, continuously urging someone to take notice of it and open the door. "At a friend's home near New York. Yes, yes, I did let her in, but had to take this clip as a reminder that persistence always pays off. Never give up (sic)," Anand Mahindra captioned the video.

2. Many video, from pretending to put your dog on a diet to "forgetting" to take them on their walk outside have surfaced on social media and those videos are a delight to watch. Another challenge that was viral on social media was saying your doggo's favourite words randomly to see how they would react. This video shows Rosie, a five-year-old dachshund, reacting to the challenge.

These words include, grandma, treats, walk, car ride, sticks and more. Rosie hears all these words and responds to them with sweetest head tilts ever.

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1. During the global pandemic, dogs were the ones who were more excited to stay at home. They suddenly found themselves in the company of their humans all day long. as the lockdown forced offices shut, millions of people across the world found themselves working from home, spending more time than ever with their pets as a result. Suddenly, photos and videos of dogs disrupting all efforts on their human's part to get any work done began to flood social media.

A video called "The Dogs of 2020" was compiled by popular Twitter account "We Rate Dogs". This six minute and 26 second clip looks back at some of the dogs who went viral in 2020. Take a look: