International Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) is observed on May 28 every year. From raising awareness about healthy menstruating habits to putting in efforts to eradicate the stigmas around periods, MH Day becomes an occasion for women and men across societies to lend their voice to a good cause. 

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Poor menstrual hygiene is caused by lack of education, persisting taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure, notes. 

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Let's learn more about International Menstrual Hygiene Day:

History and significance:

 A Germany-based NGO WASH United  in 2014 chose May 28 as a day to advocate for good menstrual hygiene across the globe. The date 28 in the month of May (28/05) was chosen because most women have a 28-day period cycle and at an average menstruate for five days.

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The vision of is to create a world where no woman or girl is held back because she menstruates. They want to achieve this vision by 2030.

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Theme of MH Day 2021:

The theme of International Menstruation Day 2021 is Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health.' The objective behind this concept is to create awareness among every individual regarding the challenges and hardships girls and women face during menstruation.

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