If you think being a social media fashion influencer is a big city fad then your myth is about to get busted. Introducing Neel Ranaut, a 26-year-old man from a Tripura village, who will change your entire perspective on style and fashion. Neil, a fashionista by passion, creates outfits for himself using earthly materials like leaves, sticks, stones, flowers, etc.

Seems interesting right? Well, that's not all. He comes up with a new stylish garment every day and great his followers with a new post. Sometimes, he even re-creates celebrity looks just by using simple materials.

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In his Instagram bio, he calls himself a "village influencer." He further writes, "I am proud of myself and don’t care [what] people think about me,” he writes."

Seems like not just his fashion sense but Neel's confidence and self-love deserved applause too. Time to explore Neel's social media profile to give you an idea of his exceptional talent.

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Explaining where he gets this sense of style and motivation from, Neel Ranaut in an interview with Indian Express said, "I was not born with this love for fashion and initially, I lacked knowledge too. It all started when I started making TikTok videos in 2018 and explored Instagram too."

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"I started by rehashing and recreating advertisements with whatever resources were available at my disposal in my village," he added.

Neel, who now enjoys a humungous fanbase of 33 thousand followers on Instagram, first caught social media's attention when he recreated Deepika Padukone's Grazia Millennial Awards' green outfit that was brutally told.

The best part about Neel's outfit was that he made the dress by draping banana leaves and nailed the look. The post went viral in no time.

Since then, Neel has re-created a number of celebrity looks with whatever resources are available to him and also came with some of his won ideas.

Neel also revealed that he wanted to pursue fashion as a career but could not due to the unavailability of such institutes in his village.