New Delhi, Dec 30 (PTI) Italian screenwriter-film producer Alfredo Covelli has come out with a book for children and young audience in the Indian market, narrating the story of Lord Ganesha looking for a new 'vahana' to accompany him to great adventures around the cosmos.

Excited about his first launch in India, Covelli says he always had a profound interest in the Indian culture and Hindu religion, which inspired him to write this book, published by Scholastic.

"Vahana Masterclass" is also his first book in English and the first for children.

"The book is an epic adventure of four mice and their journey towards becoming Ganesha's next 'vahana' (vehicle). It is a sort of Indian 'Harry Potter' with mice and I am hopeful that it will attract the interest of young audience. I suppose this book is inhabited by my love, will and devotion," he says.

After millennia of service, Mooshika, holy mount of Lord Ganesha, is about to retire to live the rest of his life in meditation.

For this reason, four young mice are selected from different parts of India: intelligent Anand from Kolkata (selected by Goddess Kali), devoted Kanu from Gujarat (chosen by Lord Krishna), brave Karthik from Chennai (named by the other vahanas), and compassionate Gitanjali from Uttarakhand (picked out by Prakriti, the nature).

They will be trained by Master Mooshika, face demons and terrible dangers, and at the end, just one of them will be elected the next 'vahana' of Lord Ganesha.