US President Joe Biden will be wheels up later this month for his first international trip since taking office on January 20 this year and scheduled to fit in meetings integral to America's foreign policy and affairs. 

The Commander-in-Chief, along with is his wife and First Lady Jill Biden, will travel to Europe with a tightly packed schedule of diplomatic meetings with other world leaders.

Here is a brief of Biden's schedule for the upcoming trip:

June 9: The President will board the Air Force One, along with the First Lady, and make his way to Britain's Royal Air Force Mildenhall, where he will meet and greet the stationed US Air Force personnel. 

June 10: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Biden will meet in Cornwall, where the G7 summit is scheduled to be hosted.

June 11-12: The three-day G7 summit begins on Friday, where Biden is expected to put forward the United States' diplomatic endeavors and further relations with other G7 countries. The US leader is also likely to have separate bilateral meetings with the representatives present there.

June 13: Biden will wrap up the G7 meetings and go on to meet Queen Elizabeth at Berkshire's Windsor Castle. He will be accompanied by Jill Biden. After the meeting, Biden will leave for the Belgian capital Brussels.

June 14: As the trip begins to draw closer to its conclusion, Biden will start his highly awaited meetings. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet Biden in a private meeting. 

June 15: Biden is scheduled to host series of meetings with fellow leaders of NATO countries.

June 16: The highly anticipated meeting between the US President and Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled for this day. The meeting will be of high stakes for both the countries, in addition to the entire international community, as the relations between the US and Russia have been strained for the past few months.