The Capitol Hill incident, at the beginning of this year, jarred the United States. As shocking as it was for the entire country, it was more so for officials and their families, who were inside the Capitol on January 6 to watch the certification of Joe Biden's win.

Among them, was the US representative Jamie Raskin, who is now leading the Democratic team prosecuting Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

In his opening statement, Raskin said that, on that day, he had invited his 24-year-old daughter and her husband, to attend the certification. When the violence broke out, they had to huddle and hide in the House of Representatives while the supporters of the former president were rampaging the Capitol.

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Before coming, his daughter had asked him if attending the certification would be safe and in reply, he had said, " ...of course, it should be safe. This is the Capitol."

The 58-year-old US Representative, who is also fighting the loss of his 25-year-old son, who died in December, welled up while he was making his opening statement.

 While wrapping up his opening statement, Raskin said that it hit him the hardest that there were people who were using the American flag pole to attack a police officer.

The violence at Capitol Hill killed five people, including a police officer, and left the entire country shocked. The violence was caused by supporters of Donald Trump to halt the process of counting of votes of the Electoral College which was already showing a win for Biden.