In a historic event, Jeff Bezos rode to space with three others on Tuesday. The former CEO of Amazon flew to the edge of space in Blue Origin’s New Shepard Rocket. He recently shared a video in which he can be seen asking “Who wants a skittle?”

The video also shows his brother Mark Bezos and Oliver Daemen playing catch, as Wally Funk said, “Fantastic.” The clip has taken the internet by storm and has been viewed over 192, 400 times since it was shared by CNBC reporter Michael Sheetz on Twitter. 

The candy manufacturer Skittles also took to Twitter to respond to the post shared by Michael and tweeted, "We are honoured to have heard Skittles were aboard Blue Origin Rocket. Jeff Bezos, is it true Skittles taste better in space?”

The moment on the ship left the internet users in splits. Check out how they reacted. 

Jeff Bezos-owned space company Blue Origin developed the spacecraft and named it New Shepard. The maiden trip of New Shepard to space was taken by Jeff Bezos, accompanied by his 53-year-old brother, Mark Bezos, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen and 82-year-old formerly trained astronaut Wally Funk, while it was broadcasted live and the entire world witnessed a moment that would be etched in history. 

New Shepard carried the capsule to the Karman Line located at an altitude of 100 km above Earth and considered to be the edge of space. The crew could be seen floating within it in complete awe as it hit the zero gravity zone. However, Jeff Bezos stole the show by asking whether anyone wanted skittles and left the viewers in splits. 

In a moment of joy and celebration, the crew was seen performing backflips and sharing Skittles candy while floating in the vacuum, as the capsule detached from the booster.