KBS has published new stills from "Police University" in anticipation of the forthcoming episode

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Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun) and Kang Sun Ho (B1A4's Jinyoung) had previously caught Go Deok Bae (Shin Seung Hwan). When Han Jung Shik (Yoo Tae Woong) arrived at the crime scene, Yoo Dong Man became suspicious. Han Jung Shik was surprised that Yoo Dong Man had apprehended the offender, and he met with Choi Hee Soo in secret (Hong Soo Hyun). The freshly released stills depict Han Jung Shik giving a lecture at a university. With their cheerful quips, No Beom Tae (Lee Dal) and Jo Jun Wook (Yoo Young Jae) appear to be lightening the mood.

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Kang Sun Ho, on the other hand, has a chilly and stiff countenance. With sceptical eyes and a severe strain in his eyes, he looks at Han Jung Shik. It was revealed that Kang Sun Ho and Han Jun Shik will have a nervous breakdown over a disagreement about "justice." “In today's show, Kang Sun Ho will meet the suspicious Han Jung Shik in an unexpected location,” the production team said. Please pay attention to their storey to see if Kang Sun Ho can answer the riddle behind Han Jung Shik's actions.”

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On September 16, at 9:30 p.m. KST, an episode of "Police University" will air.