MUMBAI, India, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's time it is important that every person is given an access to showcase their talent. India is country rich in diverse talents and this needs to be displayed. JustLearning aims to do just that by pulling every kind of talent under one platform, with the intention of promoting and fostering innovation and creativity. This talent also needs to be honed, and therefore the platform also provides career options so that a talented child or a young mind bent towards a specific field can select a career he/she wants to take up in the future.

JustLearning, a sister concern of STEM Learning, believes that the country has a vast store of knowledge, which is hidden in plain sight. This talent needs to be unleashed, especially from smaller towns, as bulk of the big ideas come from there. With this mission in mind and a platform to realize the dreams and aspirations of young India, JustLearning has made a huge mark within a span of a few years.

This 'one stop solution' has been motivating students across the country by documenting science exhibitions and promoting them on their platform. And this is not an easy task, especially since permissions for documenting these exhibitions take a long time, sometimes even months. Ensuring that Pan-India teams are interviewing all the students presenting unique projects from hundreds of entries is yet another daunting task. However, this has not dissuaded the company from providing this huge, cost-free opportunity to the children to exhibit their innovative abilities and skills on a global platform and also motivating other students to learn, design and develop their own innovative projects, leading to peer to peer learning. These projects also inspire other students to take more interest in science, leading to creative thinking. More than 1200 such projects have already been covered. The platform also showcases articles on the projects for further insight and to include other details regarding the invention.

These exhibitions also showcase innovative projects of teachers, who are also documented on JustLearning, as they present unique methods of simplifying difficult concepts. This is also an extremely important element for the company, as it seeks to not just promote all kinds of talent, including of these teachers, but also makes learning easy for students, and teaching stress-free for other educators who may use the same idea in their classes- again leading to peer learning of teaching fraternity.

Coming onto JustLearning as a career guidance platform, the company believes that it is very important to assist students in making educational and occupational choices to manage their careers, by carefully listing out all the details regarding the courses, their structures and opportunities. Apprising students about these informed choices can help the students develop their strengths, interests and aspirations from a young age so that they can follow their passion and take up a career they want. With details regarding hundreds of such career paths already published as articles on the company's website, the platform also provides the same information through short videos, with details regarding the careers and by interviewing experts in the particular field. The aim is to not just give superficial details regarding the career, but also encourage students through interviews of industry experts, who can share their personal experiences and give intricate details to the young enthusiasts.

Mr Ashutosh Pandit, the Founder of JustLearning had a single point agenda while creating this platform: which was to promote K12 knowledge, along with creating a hub of talent. He says, "The children of today are brimming with talent. I myself have seen a wave of talent in small towns, which remains unexposed. It is crucial for us as a country to bring out, develop and encourage that talent, so that these budding minds can become tomorrow's leaders in their fields. The kind of brilliance we see in these science and maths exhibitions is par excellence, while their counterparts in smaller towns may have the same innovative ideas, or may want to learn new things, but not have the access to it. They can learn by watching our videos. Furthermore, they may want to make their careers out of the talents they have or want to nurture, but may not know how it will progress in their future; their parents may be worried if that particular career is suitable for their children or not. So if they read an article or watch a video giving intricate details regarding that particular popular or unique career and also listen to experts who talk about the ample opportunities, it can help them make their minds and clear the way to glorious paths. So, JustLearning is a platform for students and elders alike, since this is a platform for learning and sharing. We have a come a long way in understanding what one would require to come to this platform; we keep including a lot of fresh content so that learning doesn't stop and we will keep promoting talent of all kinds- from students to teachers and others, so that we become a niche platform which gives you what you want, when you want, since the content is about you and others like you." The content pool just doesn't stop at this. The platform also showcases inspirational stories of people who have started from scratch and made it big, just by following their passion. With the motive of encouraging everyone by describing these 'journeys to success', the company highlights the cause of fighting & ruling over all challenges through both articles and video interviews. It also publishes trending content which is important for students to have information about. All in all, JustLearning is, what can be termed as a knowledge bank, which has deeply pushed itself into focusing on K-12 segment, thus inspiring and stimulating a positive approach towards education and careers.

About JustLearning: JustLearning provides information on kids' science projects, various careers, unique content for teachers and schools, inspirational people and diverse talents, among others. In India, there is no lack of talented students in small towns. However, they don't get any platform to showcase their skills. There are also numerous career options which are yet unexplored even by students from metros. At JustLearning, we document all such information and encourage students and parents to think beyond their normal career options. On this platform, you can find real life stories from the achievers in their respective fields. We motivate peer to peer learning, as students can showcase their school projects and learn from each other.

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