United States Vice President Kamala Harris was recently spotted during a workout session at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. This comes after a unique glass portrait was unveiled in her honour at the National Mall. 

Harris was seen running up and down the steps at the Lincoln Memorial with her secret service agents stationed nearby. 

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"Get you a VP who works hard for the American people and makes time to get a workout in," the user who posted the video said in the caption. 

The video garnered a lot of attention on Twitter, where it has been viewed over 3.6 million times so far. A number of users lauded Harris for taking time out for a workout despite her packed schedule. 

"I like that she is working out. Good representation by the VP," one user commented. 

"Thank you, this is the tweet of the day. I just did my running and gym and came in a good mood after seeing this. Kamala is simply the best," another user tweeted. 

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Meanwhile, a user noticed how a little girl on the left got a chance to wave at the first-ever female vice president of the country. 

"The little girl in red (on left) just got to wave at the 1st female VP of the United States. This makes me soooo happy. Representation matters!!!" the user said. 

Days earlier, a portrait depicting her groundbreaking career was unveiled in front of the Lincoln Memorial. 

According to a statement, the exhibit commemorates the seminal achievement for women in America and celebrates an incredible woman leader with many "firsts" to her name, including the first woman vice president, first Black vice president, first Indian-American vice president and first vice president to graduate from a Historically Black College and University.

The installation to honour Harris’ shattering of this monumental "glass ceiling" is presented by the National Women’s History Museum.