Actor Kangana Ranaut on Wednesday took to Twitter to highlight  India's overpopulation, calling for "strict laws" to keep the issue in check. She went on to say that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi "lost election and later was killed for taking this issue head on".

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However, she went on to suggest that the government should impose a "fine or imprisonment" for people that decide to have more than two children. 

And Netizens trolled the outspoken actress for having two siblings of her own - elder sister Rangoli Chandel and younger brother Aksht Ranaut.  

Comedian Saloni Gaur, who is known to have poked fun at Kangana in the past, replied to her tweet, reminding her of her two siblings. 

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However, Kangana did not take the reponse well, saying her "comedy is a joke on you". 

Here are some other tweets:

Her tweets on overpopulation came after she said "Anyone who is angry, depressed and rattled with current situation is an entitled brat". 

While users slammed her for her "inhuman" stance on the suffering people have been going through due to the pandemic, Kangana said people are dying "because of over population 130 crore Indians on paper but add more 25crores illegal immigrants."

She further compared the India's population and resources with that of the United States and China. "32 cr Americans but land/resources are thrice compared to India,China may have population as much as India but land/resources are almost thrice," Kangana tweeted.