As conflict between Israel and Palestine escalates, a social media war appears to be brewing closer home. Hours after actor Kangana Ranaut posted about the 'jews getting a raw deal', social activist Shaniera Akram, wife of Pakistan's legendary former cricketer Wasim Akram, targeted her on Thursday saying someone was missing a 'one rather large screw'.

"Somewhere in India there is a little tool box that is missing one rather large screw... #KanganaRanaut," wrote Shaniera Akram, an Australian social worker based in Pakistan.

Shaniera's tweet came hours after Kangana, in a series of Instagram posts, expressed support for Israel and spoke about how jews had been targeted for centuries. "Jews have had such a raw deal in the history of the world. Muslims have taken over half of the globe but jews can't have one small piece for themselves, especially after we have seen how badly they have been butchered through the history of the world...", the actor, currently down with COVID, wrote.

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Tension and violence between Israel and the Palestinians are not new and have gone on for centuries. The latest violence that started with a dispute in Jerusalem has escalated into a rocket war with casualties on both sides. Israel views the whole city as its capital: a stance backed by former US president Donald Trump, who moved Washington's embassy there. Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of their own future state.