Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa arrived in Delhi on Friday to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid murmurs of a leadership change in the state. Ostensibly in the national capital to discuss development works, the Chief Minister is accompanied by his son B Y Vijayendra, who is the vice-president of the state BJP.

The Chief Minister told reporters at the Karnataka Bhawan in New Delhi that he is scheduled to meet the Prime Minister and would also call on some key ministers, including Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh.

The 78-year-old Yediyurappa's Delhi visit comes amid growing factionalism in the Karnataka BJP with many leaders openly speaking out against the chief minister over the alleged 'over interference of Vijayendra in administrative matters. The party leadership has, however, denied all speculation of problems within the party. "I want to reiterate that there is no infighting in the BJP and the Chief Minister has gone to Delhi for an official visit," the Deputy Chief Minister was quoted as saying by ndtv.com.

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Contrary to the deputy CM's statement, last month MLA Arvind Bellad and minister C P Yogeshwar had visited New Delhi to convey dissatisfaction with Yediyurappa's way of managing things. Another BJP leader and MLC AH Vishwanath had said the CM has “lost the spirit” to run the government and “dynastic politics have become prevalent in the state.”

This was followed by BJP national general secretary in-charge of Karnataka, Arun Singh, visiting the state. The party managed to hush up the crisis for that moment but the rumblings have continued and the CM's current visit is reported to be in connection with the   dissent in the party.