KBC 13 Offline Quiz (September 13, 2021): Dr Masti Venkatesh Iyenger was a well-known writer in which language?

(A) Malayalam

(B) Telugu

(C) Kannada

(D) Tamil

Answer: (C) Kannada

Masti Venkatesha Iyengar was born in Hangengahalli, Kolar district, Karnataka, in 1891 to a Vaishnava family that spoke Tamil. He grew up in Masti village. In 1914, he earned a master's degree in English Literature (Art) from Madras University. After joining the Indian Civil Service (known as the Mysore Civil Service during the Maharaja of Mysore's reign), he held several positions of responsibility in various regions of Karnataka, eventually rising to the rank of District Commissioner. He quit as a protest after 26 years of service in 1943, when he did not obtain the post equal to which he was qualified, and the junior was promoted to him. He began by writing in English and later transitioned to Kannada. He adopted the pen name Srinivas to write short tales and novels in Kannada.

Masti's first notable work was a collection of short stories called Kelvu Sanna Kagalu, which he wrote under the pen name Srinivasan. During the change over time, it was one of the most acclaimed and critically praised works in Kannada literature. Masti was also well-known for his many poetry on social, intellectual, and beauty issues.

He was credited with authoring and translating a number of significant plays. Between 1944 through 1965, his final important position was as editor of the monthly magazine Life. Masti was a great writer who published 120 novels in Kannada and 17 books in English. He was the fourth Kannigaga to receive the Jnanpith prize out of seven Kannigagas.

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