KBC 13: Nagarnar Steel Plant is set up in which state?

a. Chhattisgarh 

b. Haryana 

c. Himachal Pradesh 

d. Delhi 

Answer: a. Chhattisgarh 

Government of India under Ministry of Steel is setting up a 3 MTPA capacity greenfield Integrated Steel Plant based on Hi-Smelt technology in Nagarnar, located 16 km from Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh state with an estimated outlay of Rs. 21500 crore. A pure-play miner, NMDC had in 2009-10 conceived the Nagarnar steel plant with the intention of moving up the value chain and diversifying its portfolio. 

The plant site is around 16 km from Jagdalpur and 6 km from the Orissa–Chhattisgarh border. The nearest railway station is Amaguda (around 2 km). The site is located on National Highway NH 30. The nearby airports are Jagdalpur, Raipur & Visakhapatnam and the nearest seaport is Visakhapatnam located at a distance of approx 325 km. The nearest river is Indravati, located at a distance of 3 km. The Ministry of Steel has engaged MECON under a contract dated 23 February 2011 for Engineering, Design and Consultancy services for the upcoming Steel Plant Nagarnar. As a part of the above, MECON is providing Procurement Services, Basic Engineering Services, Detailed Engineering Services, Designer’s Supervision Services, Inspection Services, Assistance in Commissioning Services and other General Services. 

The estimated time period for completing the project was about four years which is already overrun by four and half years, as of November 2020.[8] Construction work for the project is in progress and around 95% of civil work, 95% of structural erection, 90% of equipment erection have been completed as on 19 November 20. The power sub-station packages that will be activated subsequently are the Raw Material Handling Plant, Coke Oven, Blast Furnace, Steel Melting Shop, Hot Strip Mill, Lime & Dolomite Calcination Plant and Railway Yard. 

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