KBC 2021: The Indian football team's first appearance in Olympics was in which city?

a. Los Angeles

b. Tokyo

c. London

d. Greece

Answer: c. London

KBC 13: Who is this footballer who scored his 500th career goal in March 2021?

KBC 13: Which of these is the unit of measurement of latitudes and longitudes?

KBC 13: Which of these building materials are available in 33 Grade, 43 Grade and 53 Grade?

KBC 13: In which of these dishes would you normally not find any stuffing?

KBC 13: By prefixing what term before the word 'ball' will you get the name of a sport?

KBC 13: What does the idiom 'koop mandook' or 'kue ka mendhak hona' mean?

KBC 13: Which cricketer played only one Test in his career, against New Zealand at Wellington, and took ...?

KBC 13: In August 2020, ISRO decided to name a recently discovered crater on the moon after which scientist?