KBC 13 Offline Quiz (October 5, 2021): The New Shekel is the currency of which country? 

The options are:

1- Afghanistan

2- Israel

3- Dubai

4- London

Answer: Israel

The Israeli new shekel, simply called the Israeli shekel is the currency of Israel. The currency is also used as a legal tender in the conflicting Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The new shekel is divided into 100 agorot. The new shekel has been in use since January 1, 1986, when it replaced the hyperinflated old shekel at a ratio of 1000:1

The currency sign for the new shekel ⟨ ₪ ⟩ is a combination of the first Hebrew letters of the words shekel (ש‎) and ẖadash (ח‎). It was previously known as the new Israeli shekel and the non-official abbreviation is still commonly used domestically to denominate prices and also appears on the Bank of Israel's web site. However, the official international currency code of the Israeli new shekel is ILS, as set by the International Organization for Standardization under ISO 4217.

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