KBC 13 Offline Quiz (September 13, 2021): The Rowlatt Act was passed in which year?

The options are:

1- 1921

2- 1919

3- 1923

4- 1916

Answer: 1919

The Rowlatt Act, also known as the black law, was passed by the British government in March 1919. The law was believed to enhance their superiority over the common people and shut down the voices of dissent.

This law was passed by the Imperial Legislative Council which gave them the power to arrest any person without any appeal, daleel or vakeel. The act gave the British government to arrest an Indian merely on the basis of suspicion and they had no right to legal representation. The act was widely criticised by the leaders and freedom fighters as it was just a coated way for the British to silence the voice of dissent.

The act is also linked to the infamous Jallianwala Bagh massacre as people who were killed in Amritsar were peacefully protesting against Rowlatt Act only. In the same year, Mahatama Gandhi launched his Non-Cooperation movement.

The Rowlatt Act was revoked in March 1922.

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