KBC 13 Offline Quiz (September 13, 2021):  Which is the longest reptile in the world?

(A) King Cobra

(B) Reticulated Python

(C) Emerald Tree Boa

(D) Crocodile

Answer: (B) Reticulated Python

Reticulated pythons are the world's largest snakes, with credible records of wild individuals reaching lengths of over 20 feet. 

The largest reticulated python ever documented in a zoological setting was 28.5 feet long and weighed around 320 pounds. While reticulated pythons have a reputation for being violent, when handled regularly in zoological settings, they typically do not exhibit aggressiveness. Despite intense hunting pressures for the commercial skin trade, as well as opportunistic persecution by humans, this species manages to maintain very substantial numbers even in densely inhabited regions.

Reticulated pythons reach lengths of more than 16 feet on a regular basis. Their color pattern is a complex diamond-shaped design that goes down the back of the shirt. Their name derives from this network-like structure since “reticulate” means “network.” The reticulated python's appeal in the commercial skin trade stems from the beauty of its pattern.

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