KBC 13: Which of these languages is traditionally spoken in the westernmost part of India?

Answer: Gujarati

KBC 13: In tennis, what is the point that is won right after a deuce called?

KBC 13: Which of these abbreviations is used to refer to private messages sent on social media?

KBC 2021: Complete this Hindi proverb which means double benefit: "Aam ke aam ____ ke daam"

KBC 13: Among the peaks known as the eight-thousanders, which is the shortest in height but was the last...

KBC 13: Which animal has the heaviest and largest brain?

KBC 13: Which Indian wicketkeeper holds the record of the most number of stumpings in an innings of a Test...

KBC 13: Which of these actors was a sub-inspector in the Mumbai Police before he started acting with the...

KBC 13: "Harsh Realities: The Making of Marico" is a book by which of the following?

KBC 13: Nicholas Sarkozy, who was sentenced to jail on grounds of corruption in March 2021, is the former...

KBC 13: Who was the Nizam of Hyderabad when it acceded to the Indian Union in 1949?

KBC 13: Which of these posts in India has been vacant officially since May 2014?

KBC 13: On the national flag of which of these neighbouring countries of India is a weapon displayed?