KBC Offline Quiz (September 21, 2021): Who was the most worshipped god in the Rigvedic period? 

The options are:

1- Lord Indra

2- Lord Shiva

3- Lord Vishnu

4- Lord Brahma

Answer: Lord Indra

Lord Indra, the king of deities in Hindu mythology, was the most prominent Rigvedic God as per the epic. The Rigveda or Rig Veda is one of the four ancient Indian collections of Vedic Sanskrit hymns in Hindu mythology.

 The Rigveda is the oldest known Vedic Sanskrit text. Its early layers are one of the oldest extant texts in any Indo-European language. According to Rigveda, Lor Indra, the god responsible for the rains was the most worshipped god of the period.

Lord Indra, who is the king of water and rain, was a prominent deity in Hinduism. He is the king of heaven. He is associated with lightning, thunder, storms, rains, river flows and war. Indra's mythology and powers are similar to other Indo-European deities such as Jupiter, Perun, Perkūnas, Zalmoxis, Taranis, Zeus, and Thor, suggesting a common origin in Proto-Indo-European mythology

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