Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, which came into the market eight years ago in 2013. The founders of the digital currency are Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The crypto features the face of a dog and is named as DOGE. The crypto named after the Doge (pronounced DOJH) meme that was popular around 2013 and that is how it got its name. 

In recent developments, Dogecoin rose 70% in just 24 hours on Tuesday and went up to $0.122, the crypto that started as a joke eight years ago has a market capital evaluation of $14 billion. 

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In February this year, Elon Musk had tweeted a photo of his with Dogecoin, holding Doge dog like Mufasa held Simba in the Lion King movie. 

How can you buy the cryptocurrency?

There are various ways to buy Dogecoin and the most common way is to buy it on a cryptocurrency exchange. Also you can buy it from trading platforms like Robinhood and Binance. Once you buy the digital currency, you can download a Dogecoin wallet, available on the currency's official website.

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