Chaitra Navratri started from April 13 this month, and the festival will mark its eighth and ninth day on April 20 and 21. On both days, poori, kala chana (chickpeas) and sooji (semolina) halwa is offered to Goddess Durga. 

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Semolina Halwa is a popular Indian dessert and it is made from semolina and sugar syrup. Here is how you can prepare the dish perfectly:

- To make halwa, first heat ghee in the pan and add semolina to it.

- After which, add sugar and cardamom and mix well.

- Add milk and dry fruits and stir it well.

- Put the lid on the pan and cook it well for a minute or so.

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- Now, open the lid and stir the halwa well.

- Finally, add some more ghee and dry fruits and serve it hot. 

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