Team China, who have arrived in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics, have complained of poor measures at their hotel, adding that it will increase the risk of catching COVID-19, reports AFP. The games, which were scheduled to take place in 2020, were postponed by the outbreak of COVID pandemic and now the second wave have forced organisers to ban all fans from venues in Tokyo and three neighbouring prefectures.

The Chinese team arrived in Enoshima, a small island where the sailing events will take place, and complained of insufficient precautions at their hotel.

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Zhang Xiaodong, head of the Chinese Sailing Association, told state-run Xinhua news agency, Though the Chinese team is living on one floor, there were chances of mixing with tourists and it can be dangerous. 

According to the report, only authorised staff is allowed to enter the Olympic Village. But the sailing and windsurfing competitions will be held far from the Village, with those competitors staying at a designated Olympic hotel near the venue.

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released a playbook offering safety guidelines for athletes but absolves itself of any responsibility if they catch the virus.

Coronavirus concerns had led to calls in Japan for the Olympics to be postponed or even cancelled. Organisers have said athletes will be tested every day once they arrive in Tokyo.

And though it is not compulsory to be vaccinated, the IOC has said up to 80 percent of athletes would have received their doses before the Games begin on July 23.