A gun manufacturer in the United States has sparked controversy in the country after making a real handgun that resembles the toy guns made by Lego for children as the country has seen multiple instances of gun violence and accidents in the last few years.

Culper Precision, the company based out of Utah that made the fully functional Glock pistols, was warned against manufacturing such weaponry by Lego, which carried a yellow, red and blue outer casing for the guns, according to reports from AFP.

The gun, which was labelled as ‘Block 19’ by the gun manufacturer, was priced for customers between $549 and $765.

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An Instagram post by the company, which was published late last month, read “here is one of those childhood dreams come to life” in an attempt to further advertise the piece of weaponry deemed dangerous by many.

Moreover, a post on the company’s website read, “Guns are fun. Shooting is fun. 30 rounds full auto is fun”, according to reports from AFP.

Chief of ‘Moms demand action’, an advocacy group working for stricter gun control in the United States, Shannon Watts said, “Our organisation reached out to lego, which then sent a cease and desist letter to the reckless gun maker”, AFP reported.

She also claimed, citing gun safety organisation Everytown, that more than 165 accidental shootings had happened in the United States by children in 2021 so far while emphasising that 142 people had died due to such cases. 

The United States President Joe Biden had taken efforts to mitigate such cases by introducing a stricter gun policy for the country, however, they have been stuck in the legislative pipeline as the US Senate is thinly divided amongst the Democrats and Republicans, who are known to have contrasting views on the subject, according to reports from AFP.