Actor and fitness enthusiasts Malaika Arora took over the internet with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek on Monday and shared a video about three yoga poses that help in toning the body. Malaika often shares videos and pictures about yoga and how it has helped her. Here are the three poses that she swears by:

1: Vrikshasana 

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The name literally means the tree posture and replicates the steady stance of a tree. According to the actor-dancer, the impact of this pose is multi-layered as it provides balance to both your body and mind. To come in this stance you need to stand straight and place the sole of your foot near the root of the thigh.

The trick is to find balance while maintaining a steady balance. 

2: Naukasana 

Naukasana takes its name from the stance it forms; that of a boat. She said that the pose helps battle against stubborn belly fat and strengthen body muscles. 

To come in this pose you simply lift your chest and feet off the ground while stretching your arms towards your feet and lying on your back. 

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Maintaining this pose will create tension in your navel area as your abdominal muscles contract. 

3: Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

It is so easy to comfortably lounge in a chair. This pose is exactly about that but it removes the chair from the equation. The word Utkatasana literally means an intense posture where you bend your knees leaving your torso extended in the air as if you are sitting on a chair. 

The chair pose, as Malika describes it in the post, helps in toning the thigh, ankle, leg and knee muscles as well as strengthening the lower back.