Bastille Day, also called the National Day of France, is celebrated on July 14 every year. A national holiday in the country, the day marks the storming of the bastille, a military prison, by a mob of angry revolutions. This act is believed by many as the start of the French Revolution (1787-1799).

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The revolution was a watershed moment in Europe during which the French people revamped the country’s political landscape by overthrowing the absolute monarchy and the ages-old feudal system.

Since the event had implications beyond France, you can celebrate Bastille Day with these French delicacies:


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A prominent part of French cuisine, this meringue-based dessert should be on your list of Frech delicacies. This treat contains a delicious filling sandwiched between two cookies.

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Although of Austrian origin, this buttery, flaky pastry is largely associated with France. Made of layers of yeast-leavened dough layered with butter, rolled several times, what you get is a crescent-shaped delicacy, similar to a puff pastry.


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A pate is a 

filled pastry, similar to a pie, which has forcemeat filling in it. It is served both hot and cold.

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If you want to try Frech cuisine, you should have this flaky, tender bread. Although similar to bread, brioche is richer given its high egg and butter content.


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Your Frech feast will be incomplete without this sparkling wine, produced in the Champagne wine region of France. People celebrate holidays, achievements and other special occasions with champagne toasts, this wine is a must-have on Bastille Day.