While it is normal to express emotions of anger and sorrow when the going gets tough, one must be wary of sitting with those emotions for too long. After sulking for a bit, it is essential to move on from the situation and snap back to being positive about the road ahead.

Here are 5 happiness tips to incorporate in times of hardships.

1. Look on the bright side

Our brains work in mysterious ways. If you spend too much time overthinking about a distressing situation, your brain may end up making you falsely believe how devastating the problem is, when in reality, it is one of the hundreds of problems you’ve faced and managed to overcome in life. 

During hard times, it is crucial to remember all the good things in life and be grateful for them. 

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2. Cultivate resilience

The bad news is that life cannot sail smoothly. The good news is that you can train yourself to build resilience in order to withstand whatever life throws at your way.

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3. Acknowledge the bad feelings 

Contrary to popular belief, brushing off one’s feelings and bottling up emotions can do more harm than good. It is important to express and release your pent-up emotions in a healthy way through communicating, journaling, and healthy mindsets. Once you have processed all the emotions, allow yourself to move on and not let the situation have any power over you. 

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4. Reach out to loved ones 

While being independent is a great skill to possess, too much self-dependence is often a result of emotional abuse. Communicating your struggles with close friends and family will not only offer you a safe place to clear your thoughts but will also help in making you realize that you are not alone. 

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5. Make a list

Every time you feel happy while doing something, pen it down on a sheet of paper. Whether that’s cooking your favourite meal or sleeping on a Sunday, a list of things that make you happy can be a perfect survival guide to use every time you feel low.