When it comes to cleaning our wardrobes and throwing out old clothes, many of us refuse to let go of them for the sake of our memories. However, wearing the same dress, or that pair of denim can get quite boring. 

Courtesy of some DIY hacks, you can jazz up those old pair of denim and make them look brand new. One such way is adding holes and tears to give it a distressed look. 

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Wonder how you can do it? Here is an easy step-by-step guide to creating your very own distressed pair of jeans.

You will require a few tools to complete the process — chalk, a pair of tweezers, safety pins, a magazine or a bunch of newspapers, a box cutter, and of course, a pair of old denim.

  • First, mark the areas where you want to add the distress with the chalk.
  • Insert a magazine or a thick bunch of newspapers to avoid cutting the bottom layer of the denim
  • With your box cutter, cut horizontal strips along the area you have marked
  • Now, pull the threads apart with a safety pin
  • Once you have teased enough, you will notice some frayed fringes appear. Use your tweezers to remove the short vertical threads, to create the holes
  • Repeat the last three steps to give your denims a brand new look!

Once you are done with the process, do share images of your work.

Happy new denim to you!