is a rising cause of concern all across the globe. World Health Organization
(WHO) predicts that approximately 8.7% of the population in India is the age
group 20-70 is diabetic. A research published
in the journal Lancet stated that more than 98 million Indians would suffer
from diabetes by 2030.

diet control is a hectic approach, certain additions to your diet could help
manage diabetes. Medicines help to keep the blood sugar level under control.
But, an overall healthy lifestyle is needed to manage the disease.

to daily exercise regimens, having a balanced diet, avoiding sweetened
beverages, constantly stressing about blood sugar level can make you shy away
from yet another diabetes management strategy. But, this approach is as easy as

you need is a glass of water and some herbs from your garden.

are five diabetes-friendly detox drinks to keep you fit:

Onion water

Every dish is incomplete without the essence and flavour of onion.
It is a must-have in every kitchen. While it is known for its flavour-enhancing
properties, onions also manage diabetes. Consuming fresh onion is known to
reduce blood glucose levels in Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes.

Add two chopped onions, one teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of
rock salt in a glass of water, blend everything, and without straining, consume
the drink.

Curry leaf water

Curry leaves are loaded with fibre and
antioxidants. Fibres slow down digestion and hence, metabolism, thus keeping
the blood sugar in check. They also boost the insulin activity and stabilise
blood sugar levels. Boil some curry leaves in a glass of water and drink.

Methi water

Methi dana water can lower blood sugar level in diabetics. It
is rich in fibre and regulates the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar in the
body. To obtain the best results, soak the methi overnight in water, boil it,
strain it and drink the next morning.

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Tulsi water

Tulsi has hypoglycaemic properties that regulate blood sugar
levels in the body. Boil 6-8 leaves of tulsi in a glass of water and drink it
hot or cold any time of the day.

Neem water

Neem leaves are filled with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and
anti-viral properties. It may be bitter in taste, but it does the body a lot of
good. Boil a few neem leaves in water and drink.

So, chug these healthy concoctions and keep yourself fit and healthy.