During COVID-induced restrictions, most of us have been unable to work out in gyms or even inside our homes. This can negatively affect our physical, mental and emotional health in the long run. In order to easily release stress, increase physical activity and improve mood in these tough times, one can brisk walk frequently.

Walking at a quicker pace helps you increase metabolism and utilise the body’s strength efficiently. The great thing about walking is it is free, doesn’t require any equipment or a ton of time. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes to walk your way to better health.

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Here are some benefits of a 20-minute brisk walk:

Improved mental health: Brisk walking cannot lift your mood in one day but can do so with time. A walk every day is kind of doubling a much-needed break. It relieves stress and anxiety and helps with self-esteem, better sleep and productivity. Any form of exercising helps release endorphins that improve mood and bring positivity around us.

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Enhanced heart health: Just like muscles, our heart needs to be strengthened. Walking is the simplest exercise one can do and that’s why it is highly recommended to people with heart diseases. Just a 20-minute brisk walk may reduce your risk of heart disease.

Weight loss: Lockdown has restricted the number of steps we used to take every day, resulting in more stored calories than ever. Regular brisk walking helps you burn the extra calories and fat that are dangerous for your health. A good walk also makes you feel light after having a big meal.

Sharper memory: Work from home burnout is something we all can relate to. The new workplace system has left us with fewer breaks, which can make us unproductive and lose focus. Also, a part of our brain begins to shrink as we age. To get one step ahead of all of these issues, walking is the key. It helps increasing protein levels in the brain that are responsible for learning.

To reap maximum benefits, engage your whole body while brisk walking and do it at least for 20 minutes every day.