It is 2020, and we are all working from our homes- stuck to our chairs. Sitting for hours in front of our devices can be extremely bad for our body that needs movement to function properly. That can cause body rigidity. However, if we have no other options than to be on our chairs for hours, we might as well find an antidote to our pains. That is where ‘Chair Yoga’ comes into the picture.

Fitness is an important aspect of our life, and somewhere in our busy schedule, it gets neglected. On top of that, staying in bad postures for long hours can cause long term pain to our bodies. That is why it is so important to take time out for ourselves. With the help of this form of yoga called Chair Yoga, one does not even need to leave their chairs, get on the mat, and allocate time separately for fitness. Like the multitasker we aspire to be, we can now be on our chairs and still do yoga.

Chair yoga is a slow-paced form of yoga where the main focus is on breathing and alignment. The chair is used as a prop in this form of yoga around which all the movement is centered. This yoga practice betters our breathing efficiency. That becomes important to inculcate in our yoga practice because of the surging air pollution problems and the coronavirus’s effect on our lungs.

The best part about this yoga is that it is accessible to everyone- including all age groups and all body types, even pregnant women and people recovering from physical injuries.

Besides the physical benefits, Chair Yoga improves blood circulation and helps in calming down the nervous system. This also helps us take care of our mental health in these times of crisis and chaos. Within the chair yoga, postures of Yin and Yang yoga can be induced to enhance the benefits. Yin and Yang are forms of yoga that are built on the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine focused on healing.

This peaceful routine within your hectic days might be just the thing that you need to survive through the weekday blues and body rigidity.