Diabetes is a common disease that results
in high blood glucose. It is more common in men than women, it can end up
causing more serious complications and pose a greater risk of death in woman.
Diabetes puts a female’s overall wellbeing susceptible to heart disease, kidney
disease, blindness, depression, UTIs and infertility problems.

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It becomes all the more important for females
to be in the driving seat of their blood sugar levels by following a healthy
lifestyle. It can be achieved by consuming a balanced diet and exercising on a
regular basis. Lifestyle changes are not just helpful in fighting diabetes,
they come with an array of other benefits.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder – it
occurs when unusual chemical reactions take place in a person’s body and
disrupt’s their internal functioning. Women who suffer from diabetes often
experience other issues like vaginal itching, polycystic ovary syndrome,
vaginal discharge, decreased sex drive and frequent urination. It can lead to
serious complications which need to be managed on a timely basis.

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Diabetes also puts women at a greater risk
of suffering a heart attack and countless other complications including
blindness and depression.

Young women often catch the disease owing
to a sedentary lifestyle which causes several menstrual irregularities and
lowers fertility rates.

Dr. Nisha Pansare, a Fertility Consultant
and Nova IVF Fertility in Pune told Hindustan Times, “Both
type 1 and type 2 diabetes are associated with menstrual irregularities and
lower fertility rates. Now, even young women have been diagnosed with diabetes
during their reproductive years owing to sedentary lifestyles. Diabetic women
are more prone to infection and damage to reproductive organs like fallopian
tubes. High blood glucose levels lead to miscarriage or congenital defects in
the fetus. Increased blood glucose and excessive nutrition for the growing
fetus can cause macrosomia (big baby syndrome),”

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Some tips to manage the disease in women

Eating food that is rich fiber such as fresh
fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lentils.

They should reduce their intake of salt and say
no to juices, sweets, colas, sodas and desserts while lowering their
consumption of junk, oily, processed and canned foods.

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A person must exercise on a daily basis and
maintain an optimum weight while keeping a regular check on their blood sugar